An album of largely electronic music inspired by "The Exeter Book" Riddles
Minimalist vignettes of electronica mixed with acoustic sounds

"These recordings were a sort of stimulus-response exercise. We have long been admirers of the gems of Anglo-Saxon poetry found in the Exeter Book and find the riddles contained therein to be haunting and humorous by turns. We worked backwards from the solutions, re-read the riddles and responded with spontaneous compositions recorded live. Some overdubs were added but with the basic idea of going direct from imagination to disc. The instruments ranged from professional keyboards and wind-synth to mini-keyboards with some acoustic instruments here and there."

LANZEND are Dave Styles and Steve Verge. They have been making music together on and off since 1970 and have covered much musical ground between them - folk, jazz, rock and improvised music. Early exponents of fusing different ethnic influences to create contemporary sounds LANZEND represents Dave and Steve in their instrumental/improvisational guise. They are based in the South West of England.
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