A CD by Ziggurat with a pop and rock feel (listen to a track in Real Audio format by clicking on the song title link)

Track Listing

1. There Goes That Girl Again (Verge/Styles)
2. Sail On Brightly (Styles)
3. She's So Right (Verge/Styles)
4. Dreaming Of Gloria (Verge/Styles)
5. All Your Words (Verge/Styles)
6. Eternal Day (Neil Young mix) (Styles)
7. More Than A Love (Styles)
8. Is It You I See (Styles)
9. I Knew You (Verge)
10. Someone Fine (Styles)

All titles © Copyright Dave Styles and Steve Verge 1997

Dave Styles - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Qwerty and Chromatic Keyboards, Whistle, Drums
Steve Verge - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Chromatic Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Harmonica, Whistle, Drums